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Pushing Back at the Rise in Anti-Abortion Laws & What You Can Do.

"Abort the Supreme Court"

Since the passing of Roe v Wade (1973) and Planned Parenthood v Casey (1992), it has been heavily under attack by republican congress members. From January 1, 2021 to April 15, 2022, over 536 abortion restrictions have been introduced in 42 states; so far, 33 of those restrictions have been enacted in 9 states. When Roe is overturned, 13 states will immediately ban abortions & 13 more are likely to make it nearly impossible to get an abortion; thus leaving many in the South & the Midwest without access to reproductive healthcare for hundreds or even thousands of miles in some instances.

On Monday May 2, 2022, the SCOTUS draft majority opinion was leaked in regards to Dobbs v. Jackson’s Women’s Health Organization — a case that could (& most likely will) overturn Roe v. Wade & Casey v. Planned Parenthood. Our current SCOTUS is majoritively, 6 out of 9, both conservative & Christian, meaning that our rights to bodily autonomy, privacy, & receiving healthcare will likely be taken away in the coming months.

What Can You Do to Push Back Against Anti-Abortion Laws?

  • Follow your state legislature; they will keep attacking other rights once Roe is overturned.
  • Contact your local representatives to vote for/against legislation.
  • Join your local pro-choice coalition.
  • Organize a panel to educate the community of the current threats to reproductive rights & the consequences that will come of them.
  • See if your local abortion clinic has an amazon wish-list & buy something off it to support the clinic & those who utilize them.
  • Get directly involved and volunteer with your local Planned Parenthood.
  • Contact your local abortion clinic and see if you can donate your extra gas points to people traveling to your state seeking an abortion.
  • Join a third-party organization such as Democratic Socialists of America, Socialist Alternative, or Party for Socialism and Liberation.
  • Contact your local abortion clinic and see if you can donate your hotel room points to support people traveling to your state seeking an abortion.
  • Write a letter to the editor of your local paper telling your abortion story.
  • Host a video night featuring a reproductive rights film.
  • Canvass your community to determine where local advocacy and education is needed.
    • Find out what type of sex education programs exist in the schools in your community & advocate for comprehensive sex education.
    • See which employers provide contraceptive coverage in their insurance plans- if they don’t, advocate for them.
    • Find out what hospitals in your area provide abortions, tubal litigation & emergency contraception.
  • Vote in pro-choice candidates- not all democrats are pro-choice! Do you research on who you’re voting for.
  • Donate to your local abortion fund.
  • Go out and protest-this is only the start.
  • Table at local events like converts, outdoor markets, street fairs, & college campuses.
  • Tell your abortion story to destigmatize abortions & the people who get them.
    • Telling your story helps evoke emotions & puts a face behind the statistics on who gets abortions and why they’re fundamental healthcare.
  • Call up to your local abortion clinic and see if they need any clinic escorts to help keep abortion seekers safe from harassers while arriving to clinics.
  • Become a clinic escort to ensure pregnant people can securely access abortion care.
  • Get yourself some birth control, emergency contraceptives, and abortion pills to have on hand-if you do plan on getting extra try online rather than in stores to help ensure those who go to said store can have access to them.
  • Adopt-A-Clinic through the Abortion Access Front to support abortion recipients.
  • Write a letter to the editor of your local paper about the attack on Roe.
  • Contact your local representatives to pass reproductive healthcare protections in your state or to vote against restrictions attempting to be passed.

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